How to get there? | hidefest

How to get there?


For all visitors arriving by train, shuttle buses have been arranged to run between Utrecht Central Station and the festival grounds. A ticket costs 15 euros and can be purchased in the ticket shop or in the bus (pin only).


The easiest way to travel to Hide is to take your bike. It’s only a 10 minute ride from Utrecht and we’ve got a free parkinglot. You can ride beneath the road (A12) and there you are, at De Middengaarde. Navigate to: Galecopperzoom 7.


Your car can be parked at Sportpark Galecop (address: Sportpark Galecop, 3438 HX Nieuwegein, Nederland). You can buy your parking ticket in our ticketshop:

Take the train to Utrecht Centraal and walk to de Jaarbeurs. From there you can hop on bus number 77 which is heading to Nieuwegein-Centrum. Hop off at the stop called Guido Gazellehove and from there it’s only a 5 minute walk to HIDE FEST.