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AUGUST 10TH 2024

Boutique Techno Festival by HIDE & Free Your Mind

Hidden in the greenery…
Escape into the hideout…
A secret hideaway…

HIDE between art and nature
HIDE away together with your friends 

Your future hideout

To start something new, we have to leave the old behind. That is why we HIDE. We HIDE beyond old boundaries: in our hideout, music and arts, genres and styles, people and nature are equal. We HIDE in a future world, a world that works exactly the way we want it.


We do not HIDE from music. In our hideout, familiar sounds of the past connect with future styles and artists. In our hideout, house, techno and minimal merge together into something new. Here, we appreciate all electronic sounds, we explore uncharted musical worlds. 


Hidden away from old conventions, there is no limit holding artists back. Hidden in our midst, they build new structures and reimagine what is possible. In our hideout, art is for imagination and connection, and through dance and dress, we ourselves become works of art. 


We HIDE amidst waving trees and fragrant flowers; we welcome nature as it welcomes us. We are not cruel; we want to regenerate, and when we leave, we leave nothing but footprints. Where we HIDE, we HIDE with all that lives.